From Hyogo



Niime Tamaki is a soft and gentle powerhouse in the middle of Hyogo, Japan. A small company that believes in the holistic production of clothing, Niime earnestly grows, dyes and weaves her own cotton in one location, all in the service of her vision to continue and invigorate ‘Banshu Ori’ – a traditional form of weaving for her eponymous brand. Based in Hyogo, Japan, the heart of Banshu Ori, Tamaki and her team run all aspects of operation since they opened in 2006, first producing shawls and growing from there into a line of pants, dresses, skirts and more. By centering all levels of production, Tamaki produces truly unique textiles, infusing each step with heritage – a remarkable feat in our industrial times. By incorporating elements like organic cotton, hand weaving looms and vintage knitting machines, her fabrics are imbued with an intangible and inextricable sense of place and time. The result is an elevated garment of elegant style and rustic appeal. Tamaki’s cloth will carve out a place in your wardrobe as indelible as herself.