From Kagoshima



In 2002, Rhythmos was a small atelier inside the home of a husband and wife based in Kagoshima, Japan. Today the high-end leather brand continues as a small operation, but now in a brightly lit shop and atelier in Satsuma city, complete with a charming French bulldog mascot beckoning passerbys in their storefront window. Carefully handmade, Rhythmos leather goods continues to focus on quality and care, with simple minimal design as their signature. Each leather piece undergoes a lengthy process of saddle stitching, a process where holes are punched through stiff leather, then hand-threaded with waxed thread. This process ensures that each part of the design will last and gaurantees durability. By hand-stitching all of their products, Rhythmos strives to impart appreciation to all their creations, in hopes their customers will also lovingly handle their work for years to come.